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Space Scooter X580 – BLACK MAT

Suitable for ages 8 and up
Space scooter brand
Category Space Scooter X580
EAN Code 6951446860069
Product code ESS2Bu
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The Space Scooter® is the coolest scooter available on the market. A real eye-catcher for cool boys and girls. Everyone can use the Space Scooter® as a nice outdoor toy or as a simple leisure activity.

In the video below you can see the Space Scooter® with all its features. Moving the footboard back and forth really gives you the feeling of walking in the room! This is also where the name « Space Scooter » comes from!



Why would you want to drive the Space Scooter®?
The Space Scooter® has an easy folding system that allows you to take it anywhere with you. Partly for this reason, the Space Scooter® can be perfectly taken to the campsite or on vacation.

Model: X580 series
Minimum age: 8 years and over
Max Weight: ± 90 kg
Certificates: ASTM-F2264 / EN14619
Material: steel / aluminum
Wheels: PU wheels 2 x 8 inches
Weight: 8.20 kg

With all the above benefits, we are confident that the space scooter will become the new pioneer in the field of outdoor toys and recreation with a high entertainment factor!

We wish everyone a lot of fun with the space scooter!

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