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Space Scooter Junior X360 – PINK

Suitable for 4-8 years
Pink color
Space scooter brand
Category Junior Space Scooter X360
EAN Code 6951446830024
Product Code ESS1JrBuNL
Packing room (s)

X360 Series, Junior
Minimum age: 4+
Max Weight: ± 60 kg.
Certifications: ASTM-F2264 / EN14619
Material: steel / aluminum
Wheels: 2 wheels of 15.25 cm in PU
Weight: 6.00 kg

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Space Scooter® Junior is a hit in all neighborhoods and schoolyards. Once the demand for smaller space scooters, for even smaller children, became larger, the question was asked. This version is now available and is suitable for children from 4 years old.

When the platform is moved up and down, the Space Scooter® moves forward. It looks exactly like walking in space. This is exactly how the Space Scooter® gets its name.

The Space Scooter® Junior is the coolest scooter of the moment and gives the word “scooter” and a whole other dimension!

The Junior Space Scooter® is available in two colors, namely blue and pink. The Space Scooter® junior can also be folded up, so storing or transporting the Space Scooter® is very easy!

The maximum capacity of the Junior Space Scooter® is ± 60 kg. It is equipped with a handbrake and is solidly built. The Space Scooter®, for example, is approved for use throughout Europe.

The Space Scooter® junior has no “normal” function like the larger version of the Space Scooter® x360.