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Sports and toys pays particular attention to offer you a range of educational toys, original and varied, for different ages and genres, but always to move or take the air!

All our products are available in various colors and sizes.

Our passion is to bring to children from 4 to 16 years, a healthy distraction and that brings development both physical and mental.

Moreover Parents are filled with happiness by the blossoming of their children.

Importance of the educational toy

The educational toy is fundamental for the well-being and development of any child. When children play, they develop their skills in many ways. They think, solve problems, express themselves, move, cooperate, appeal to their impressions and exercise their moral conscience.


Learn through the game

In the first years of life, children explore or play doing the same things over and over again.

Babies, for example, will grab blocks, manipulate them and carry them to their mouths. Toddlers will build towers with their blocks just to knock them down.

This repeated training allows them to learn and develop their self-confidence. Children learn what objects are and what they can do with them. They begin to understand their universe.

For toddlers, play is a natural way to learn. It is getting closer to the way we learn in everyday life. Instead of integrating one concept at a time, as in the classroom, children must learn and use multiple ideas and objects at the same time.

To play is also to combine the useful with the pleasant. The game makes children happy which makes learning easier and even more effective.

Good fun and happiness with Sports and Toys


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